Convert your Zip file easily to one or separate PDF files

PDFen is also offering you the possibility to upload your zip files and convert them to PDF. Do you have multiple files in different folders and do you want them organized in one PDF file? Then this tool is the perfect solution for you! Of course it is possible to convert separate files with their original file names as well.

Zip bestanden omzetten naar PDF

When can zip files come in handy?

Zip files have some major advantages. First, a zip file can contain all possible file types, and therefore different documents and folders can be merged into one compressed folder (your zip file). Second, a zip file takes up less space than all separate documents and folders do accumulated. For instance, this is very useful when you would like to send several folders and files at one time. With our latest tool you will not have to select different files and folders one by one before you can convert them to PDF, but the only thing you will have to do is create a zip file and convert it with our online converter.

How do you create a zip file?

A zip file is very easy to create by yourself. The only thing you have to do is select different files and/or folders, right-click on your mouse, and then choose the option: 'copy to - Compressed (zipped) folder'. Your zip file will be saved in the same folder you are in at that moment.

Convert your zip file to PDF

After you have created your zip file, converting it to PDF is piece of cake with PDFen. How this works, can be read in How PDFen works. Your zip file will be unpacked and converted by PDFen, and you will have all your documents clearly organized in one ore more PDF files. Unfortunately, the structure of your zip files is not always maintained yet, but we are working on this.


Struggling with creating a zip file, or with something else? Please feel free to contact us



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