Convert files to PDF or PDF/AConverteren naar PDF

Converting (and merging) files is the basis of this website. PDFen is an innovative tool that tries to improve itself every day. We like the satisfaction in your eyes when several documents have been converted and merged, so you have the important files in one PDF.

PDFen also merges files

Not only can you convert your files to PDF, you can also merge them together into one documents. You are able to merge different file types or multiple PDF files.


Get started right away, and experience the ease of using PDFen!

What can be converted

PDFen can convert multiple files at the same time. Beside all Office files, also images, web pages and e-mails can be converted. Read more about the different file types in supported file types.

What makes PDFen unique?

PDFen's strength is the fact that you can quickly convert multiple Office files to one PDF. Imagine you have to convert 30 files one by one! With PDFen you can upload them at the same time, and then with a few clicks they are all converted to PDF (or PDF/A) in one go! Besides, you are also able to convert your e-mails including attachments to PDF.


There are several websites that offer services like ours. However, with PDFen you can tackle all of your problems. You can convert the files, merge them, prepare paperless conferences, etc. Do you have a problem and you do not know to solve it? Contact us and we are happy to think together with you about a solution.


For Businesses, PDFen is very unique, because you only need one license for all of your employees to make use of the tools. How this works, can be read in PDFen for businesses.


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