Convert Outlook mail to PDF, including attachments and folderstructure

Outlook to PDF with pst and msg files

With PDFen it is easy to convert you e-mails, including attachments and folderstructure, to PDF. This can be done in two ways:

  1. By using our PST to PDF converter
  2. Converting separate e-mails: MSG files to PDF

Below, you can read why you should convert your Outlook e-mails to PDF and what MSG and PST files are.

Convert your Outlook folders to PDF via PST files

Outlook PST to PDFPST stands for Personal Storage Tabel and these files are used by Microsoft Outlook. Within PST files, information is stored like folder structure and e-mails (and attachments). PST files allow you to open your e-mails when you are offline and you can store them on your laptop or computer. Feel free to read more about how the PST-converter tool works.


Convert e-mails using MSG files

MSG and EML files to PDFA MSG file is an Outlook e-mail, including attachment, saved in the standard Outlook format. You can save these files on a laptop or computer and open them via Outlook again. Via MSG you are able to convert separate e-mails to PDF. Read more about this in: Convert MSG to PDF.


Why would you convert your outlook mails to PDF?

There are various reasons why one should convert his or her outlook mail to PDF:

Outlook is no longer needed to read or search through your e-mails

By converting your e-mail to PDF, your mailbox is made readable on every device with a PDF reader. Since your outlook structure is being maintained and you are able to, for instance, use the Windows search-function your e-mails can be retrieved easily.

Creating a backup of your Outlook maild Archive

Can you be sure that you are still able to open your e-mails in five years? Are you still using Outlook by that time? And what about the attachments?

PDFen converts your files to PDF/A format, and therefore you can be sure that your backup is suitable for prolonged storage. In this way you can be certain that you will always have access to your e-mails.

Your mailbox is (almost) full

"Your mailbox is full", do you recognize this notification? It is probably one of the biggest annoyances within your company. Employees spend several hours a year cleaning their mailbox, as the space on Outlook's Exchange server is limited.


With PDFen this problem is solved structural: make your employees create PST files out of there mailboxes and let them convert these files to PDF. The generated zip-files can be unpacked on appropriate (personal network) locations and therefore they can clean their mailbox with peace of mind.


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