Online text recognition (OCR) with PDFen

PDFen allows you to increase your document accessibility using our online OCR service. By doing so, people with certain disabilities can also access your documents, allowing everyone to access your digital files. What other advantages might OCR have, and what can PDFen do for you in this case?


Check out How PDFen works to see how simple it is to use our online ocr tool.


What is OCR?

Online text recognition (OCR)OCR is an abbreviation for 'Optical Character Recognition'. By applying OCR to a document, you digitalize the content, allowing this document to be accessed by people with, for example, visual disabilities. An example of a practical application might be a contract. After scanning your document using OCR, you will be able to even convert a document you scanned into an editable Word document, Text document or Excel spreadsheet. PDFen will make sure a PDF document is generated which will be accessible by both screen-readers and partially sighted people.

Digital Archival and OCR

You will probably spend about an hour on average looking for things in a day. Common causes will be a disorganized or packed mailbox, too many paper documents or digital documents on your computer. The problem most often encountered is that the information you are looking for is not where you expect it to be. When you have finally found your document, you will also have to search said document for the information you were initially looking for. Is this problem you recognize? A digital archive might be the perfect solution for your problem.

By creating a digital archive in combination with the OCR service PDFen offers, you will be able to directly access all your documents. These documents will be easy to find, and easy to search through by everyone who can make use of your network, thanks to the fact that your analog paper document is now saved in a digital format. All of your scanned text has been converted into digital text.

Web Guidelines and file accessibility

The Web Guidelines prescribe strict rules your files need to comply to. Accessibility is one of the most important of these guidelines. Companies and organizations of any government which aresubject to the ministerial responsibility make extensive use of OCR software in order to meet the requirements set by the guidelines. By having a registered account at PDFen, you will be able to make use of this service. As a side-note: The PDFen bulk conversion feature also supports OCR scanning of PDF documents, allowing you to truly digitalize any number of analog documents.

Applying OCR Online

Online OCR enabled

Online OCR disabledBy logging into your account and using credits, you will be able to make use of our OCR service. After file upload, you will be able to select the OCR service at Step 3. This service is disabled by default. By checking the box for OCR, you will enable OCR scanning.

Require advice?

Would you like advice on all the possibilities PDFen can offer your organization on the subject of our OCR service? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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