Merge multiple files into one PDF

Wit PDFen, it is easy and fast to merge multiple files into one PDF file. These different file types will be converted to PDF and then will be merged. For instance, would you like to have a Word-, Excel-, PDF- and E-mail file orderly in one document? That is possible!

Merge and convert different files to one PDF

How does merging files with PDFen work?

In four simple steps you merge your files:

  1. Upload your documents
  2. Choose your favored PDF template
  3. Arrange your documents in your preferred way
  4. Generate and download your PDF


Your documents are now converted and merged into one PDF. PDF files are easy to open on your smart phone or tablet, where office files are often harder to display.


Not entirely clear? Read the detailed explanation about how PDFen works.

What files can be converted and merged?

PDFen can practically convert and merge any type of files: E-mail, Word, images, web pages; you name it we convert it! In case you are doubting whether your file type can be converted, read more about the specific file types that are supported by PDFen.

It is of course also possible to merge multiple PDF files to one PDF.


Still not sure whether four file type is supported or do you have other questions? Feel free to contact us.



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