How PDFen works;
Convert and merge your files and e-mails online to PDF

PDFen is easy to use and takes very little time. In four steps, you will have a document that can be viewed on your PC, Mac, tablet (iPad), laptop and smartphone:


  1. Upload your documents
  2. Choose your layout
    (merge the files or convert as separate files (zip file))
  3. Put your documents in the right order
  4. Download your PDF or ZIP file!


Convert and merge files to PDF


Step 1. Upload your documents

After registering at and logging in, you can start right away. Upload the documents you would like to convert and merge. You can select multiple documents at the same time. After all documents are uploaded, you will can proceed to Step 2.


PDFen allows you to convert almost any type of document to the PDF format.

Step 2. Choose your layout template

Merging or Separate files

The first time you make use of PDFen, you can choose from some standard templates. You can choose between merge templates and the separate files templates.


In case you choose the separate files template, PDFen will convert the files as separate documents and will generate a ZIP file.


If you choose one of the merge templates, your files will be merged into one PDF file. Next, you choose your preferred front page.


The option my layout template, allows you to create your own template.


After choosing the template, you fill in some information like title, footnotes, location, etc. Thereby, you can choose whether you would like to create a PDF/A.

Step 3. Arrange your files and merge them

You can drag and drop your documents into the right order. In this step, you are able to indicate if you want to make use of (sub)agenda items. Add these agenda items in order to create an even better overview in your document.


You can also choose for the OCR function.

Step 4. Download your PDF or ZIP file

Depending on the choosen template in step 2 PDFen will generate a PDF (with all files merged into one PDF) or a ZIP file with all your converted files. When finished, PDFen provides you a link from which you can download the document.

Save your format

If you use the same format more than once, you can save your format as a layout template. This way, you will not have to recreate your agenda items every time you create a new document. Note: You can only do this if you are already using a custom layout template

Encrypt your document with a password

With credits, you will be able to secure your PDF with the use of a password. Doing this adds another layer of security to your PDF.

Share your PDF

As soon as your PDFen document is generated, you will receive a secret URL (only visible to you) which leads to your document. You can share this URL with other people via for instance e-mail or other text-based forms of communication.
In this way, you are able to control and determine who can access your PDF.

You can also link PDFen with your Dropbox account.


Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.


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