Document organizer software - organized documents in seconds

PDFen is designed to allow you to easily organize all your digital documents. After uploading the documents and choosing a layout template, PDFen will automatically create a document for you, including an agenda or index with attachments.

Documents will be organized and merged. Seperate documents will be a thing of the past.

A meeting or dossier can contain over a hundred different seperate documents. All these documents can be organized to a certain extent, but if you are in the middle of a meeting and spend more time finding and opening different documents instead of actually participating, you know it's time for a solution.
If all your documents are bundled in a single PDF, you no longer need to switch between documents. Simply go to the index or bookmarks and hop to the document/page you need to be.

Annotations in your PDF are easy to make and easy to find again.

Because all your documents have been merged into a single PDF, you can also make all your annotations within the same document. Navigate to the preferred page and create your annotations. Most iPad PDF apps (such as Expert PDF) allow you to easily view a complete overview of all annotations made.

Organizing your documents is easy and fast using PDFen.

Example drag your documents in the correct order

You will be surprised how fast you can upload your documents, put them in order and then merge them. Usually this process will take nothing more than one to two minutes. You can also create your own custom layout with your own set of standard agenda items, allowing you to create standardized, merged documents even faster. The only thing you will need to do is drag the documents into the correct order.

Experience PDFen yourself: Register and start using PDFen for free* immediately.
* PDFen free is designed for use by individuals. Companies and any administratorial offices are free to test PDFen Free. More intensive use is not allowed.



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