Saving time and money with PDFen

How much time do you or your secretary need to digitally prepare a conference/meeting or dossier with about thirty documents, make it readable and then distribute the documents?

Save time with PDFenMost likely more than 30 minutes. You will need to collect the documents, possibly convert them and order them in an organized fashion as well. After that, you have to make sure the documents safely reach the board members so they will be able to consult these documents on their iPad or laptop. allows you to easily manage this within five minutes.

Saving time and money by using

Imagine how much time you might save if you need to work more than 100 dossiers? Or if you need to prepare at least 100 meetings a year? Most likely more than 60 hours a year.

Besides the time you will be saving, you will also be saving money on paper, ink and other printer-related costs. Because PDFen is so easy to use, people will use hardcopies less and less, up until they no longer require hardcopies.

An important advantage of PDFen is the huge amount of time you can save. Without PDFen, preperation, lay-outing and ordering a meeting agenda and any documents will take a lot of time. PDFen combines all these functions: Converts many different documents into PDF, merges multiple PDFs into a single PDF and allows you to put the documents into the correct order using drag & drop. PDFen then allows you to easily distribute your document securely through E-mail, Dropbox or through

PDFen in a nutshell:

  • PDFen is an online tool allowing you to convert and merge documents within minutes, allowing you to consult all your meeting- or dossier documents in a single PDF on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Because all your documents are merged into a single PDF, you will no longer need to switch between different documents on your iPad. You will be able to easily navigate your collection of documents using automatically created bookmarks.
  • Making annotations is easier and more orderly. Finding them again is no issue due to the annotations being in the same PDF document.
  • Spreading documents is simply a case of copying a hidden link provided by PDFen and pasting it in an E-mail, which you can then send to any participants of the meeting you wish to view the document. PDFen also allows you to upload the document to Dropbox.
  • Can be used immediately after registration without any intervention from us or your IT department.
  • For more information, please see what does PDFen do?



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