Incredibly handy on your tablet/iPad

The iPad (or tablet) is used more and more on the work floor. It offers many advantages and is perfectly in line with the new working environment. Below, you can read about a few tips and tricks how to put documents on your iPad and how to read them.Op de iPad kunt u met de pdf bestanden van PDFen navigeren via de agenda/inhoudsopgave of met de bladwijzers (bookmarks)

Office files not perfectly readable in contrast to PDF files  

Although many iPad apps support the ability to view Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other file types, in practice these programs will not always display the documents properly. This may lead to messed up graphs, disjointed layouts or missing sentences due to a lack of font support. By converting your documents to PDF, your file will be displayed as it is supposed to be. Make sure the print settings are correct, and PDFen will take care of the rest. Read more about this in How do I read PDF files on an iPad?

Saving your files on your iPad

You can save innumerable documents on a tablet. PDFen allows you to convert and merge any document and image attached into a PDF document, which then can be made available to your online Dropbox and PDFen account. You can also share any generated PDF with others through e-mail using a hidden link. Read more about this in How do I get a document on my iPad?

Annotations on your iPad, even better after merging all your documents

The strength of many iPad apps such as Expert PDF, GoodReader and iAnnotate PDF lies in the fact that they are incredibly useful for the creation of annotations. However, if you have many different documents, these annotations will be spread out all over the place and you will most likely lack an efficient overview. If you convert and merge your documents using PDFen, all annotations will be available in a single PDF. If you make annotations in this merged document using one of the mentioned iPad apps, you can easily request an overview of all the annotations that you have made. This might come in handy during a meeting where you want to quickly place a comment at an agenda item. Read more about this in making annotations on your PDF using your iPad.

Navigate through large files using bookmarks and an agenda

The drawback of merging documents is that these documents will become very large. In order to keep an overview, you can use an agenda and bookmarks. When you merge documents using PDFen, PDFen will automatically create an index and bookmarks for you. Navigation through the use of bookmarks is incredibly user-friendly. Read more about this in Navigation in PDF on your iPad using bookmarks and index-agenda.


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